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"I am not much for words so I find dance and modeling the perfect way to quietly express myself..."


  I am a full-time nomadic art model. I love the form and beauty of the body. I create images that are creative, inspiring, and unique. My styles include artistic, fashion, nudes, lingerie, swimsuit, glamour, lifestyle, figurative, light fetish, and more. Feel free to message me any ideas or concepts you may have. Modeling caught my interest as a way to create art with my body. As a result of my dance background, I have a good body awareness and take artistic direction very well. I loved the emotions that flowed through my body as the music played and my body moved. I am not much for words so I find dance and modeling the perfect way to quietly express myself. As a former dancer I'm passionate about the arts, inspiring creative freedom and expression in myself, and into other's work. The perfect combination of passion and career is rare, and I am honored to have the support of photographers and patreons who make what I do possible. Growth and inspiration come with every shoot, and I love to travel! Let me know where you are and I will try to make it happen.  Looking forward to meeting you, let's create. 

  This is my passion as well as my career, so please understand that I do not do TFP shoots. I will consider a trade for accommodation or airfare, with references.


    My rate starts at $150/hr with a 2hr minimum booking and a 50% retainer fee, fetish, bondage... is $200/hr. Workshop rates are also $200/hr with a 2hr minimum booking and 50% retainer. The retainer is required to hold the exact day and time you would like to book and goes towards my travel expenses to get to your city and admin.


    Cancelation fees apply, if you cancel with less than 2 weeks notice I keep the retainer, if you cancel within 1 week I request full payment as it is nearly impossible to rebook on short notice. If you are able to rebook within a week i will wave the cancelation fee and transfer it to payment for the shoot.


    I am a fully registered business and support myself as a business, I have very high overhead expenses with travel. Thank you so much for understanding.

-Marie Brooks



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